BES – R. School Board Consolidation

R. Teacher Participation In Volunteer Food Programs
NLTA will seek to obtain the following provision in the Collective Agreement for all teachers whose previous school board was partitioned by the new school board boundaries established under the 1996 legislation changes:

“Any teacher under a permanent contract who requests a transfer to a vacant position in a portion of […]

BES – Q. Teacher Participation In Volunteer Food Programs

Q. Teacher Participation In Volunteer Food Programs
1. Definition

A volunteer food program is a program whereby meals are provided without charge to students, prior to school opening or during lunch period, by a school board and/or some other organization or agency and in which teachers may be participating on a volunteer basis. Such a program should not […]

BES – P. Teacher Workload

P. Teacher Workload
1. Instructional Day

a) The student instructional day as legislated should be strictly adhered to and recess periods should be excluded from this instructional time. The Schools Act should ensure consistency in length of the school day in schools throughout the province and that bus contracts are designed to meet the scheduling needs of the […]

BES – O. Part-Time Teaching

O. Part-Time Teaching
1. Part-time teaching is defined as regular paid employment carried out during time periods that are distinctly shorter than normal. It may or may not be related to the concept of job-sharing.

2. A part-time teaching assignment should:

a) be recognized as an option for teachers;

b) be established by a formal mutual agreement between the teacher […]

BES – N. Medication/Medical Treatment/Health Support Procedures

M. Medication/Medical Treatment/Health Support Procedures
1. All school aged children have a right to attend school regardless of special health support needs which they may need during school hours providing their condition does not expose other people in the school setting to serious risk.

2. Student-specific health support procedures should be administered in school only as necessary. Whenever […]

BES – M. Government/School Boards General Liability Insurance Policy

M. Government/School Boards General Liability Insurance Policy
In the event that an insurance adjuster requests a statement from a teacher concerning an incident which involved the teacher, the teacher, in every case, should be advised by one or both of the parties (employer and/or insurance company) that no statement should be issued until the teacher involved […]

BES – L. Substitute Teachers

L. Substitute Teachers
1. Substitute Teacher Pay

a) The Association is to vigorously defend against a deterioration of the rate of pay for substitute teachers so that we can continue to attract and retain qualified and competent substitute teachers of the highest professional calibre.

b) A substitute teacher should be paid no later than two (2) weeks following […]

BES – K. Human Rights of Teachers

K. Human Rights of Teachers

We, the teachers of Newfoundland, and Labrador, denounce and deplore the use of violent repression against teachers and their organizations. [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09]

We affirm that it is the right of teachers to practice their profession, and to do those things which are necessary for the responsible discharge of […]

BES – J. Summer/Night School and Supplementary Exam Compensation

J. Summer/Night School and Supplementary Exam Compensation
1. Night/Summer School Instruction

a) Teachers

Teachers shall be compensated on the basis of $30 per hour of instruction time.
Examination setters shall be selected from the teachers of night/summer school and shall receive $100 per examination set.
Examination markers shall be selected from the teachers of night/summer school and shall […]

BES – I. Salaries and Allowances

I. Salaries and Allowances
1. Salaries

The basic salary scale shall be based on experience and qualifications only. This implies that there shall be no salary differences based on such factors as differences in grades or subject areas taught, or differences in sex, race, national origin, colour, or religion.
Qualifications shall be provided for by groups […]

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