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NLTA Special Interest Councils

Special Interest Councils are professional learning communities dedicated to life-long learning and the ongoing professional growth of NLTA members. Their mandate includes offering a range of professional development programs, including conferences, institutes, focus groups, teleconferences, and e-learning initiatives. Councils communicate with their membership using a variety of current technologies. As part of their mandate, the councils will respond to curriculum and program concerns, develop position papers on critical issues, work with government on curriculum development and advise the NLTA on matters of importance.

Currently there are 14 special interest councils (click on the council name to access their website):

If you are working in one of these specialized areas, you may choose to join the appropriate council. By participating in Special Interest Council programming, you can avail of the latest information on methodologies, trends in particular disciplines, and changes in curriculum as they develop and emerge.

Special Interest Councils advertise their programs through The Bulletin, the NLTA website, school boards, schools and media.

If you are a member of a Special Interest Council, you will be automatically notified of professional development opportunities. Since helping our membership become more effective teachers is always an overriding goal of this Association, the activities of our Special Interest Councils are geared to improving classroom practice.

Please make every effort to be an active member of special interest councils that are of interest to you. If you wish to become a member of one of the existing councils, you have only to contact the president of that council, and you will be sent the necessary membership information. Opportunities also exist for you to become an executive member of one of the councils, thereby allowing you to take on a valuable leadership role within the Association. As a council member, you will be kept current on exciting new learning and discoveries in your field.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas re the NLTA Special Interest Councils, contact Darlene Johnson, Administrative Officer – Programs & Services by calling 726-3223 or toll-free at 1-800-563-3599, ext. 241.

(click on the Council name for more information)
 President  Phone / Fax
Council of Special Services (COSS) Danielle Doyle
Carbonear Collegiate
596-3911 (S)
596-0462 (F)
English Language Arts (7-12) Alison Edwards
Prince of Wales Collegiate
576-4061 (S)
576-4920 (F)
Gender and Sexual Diversity Trevor Taylor
Fogo Island Central Academy
266-2560 (S)
266-2384 (F)
Health Education Angela Norman
All Hallows Elementary
786-3691 (S)
786-3695 (F)
Math/Science Yvonne Dawe
CDLI – Brother Rice Junior High Annex
729-1954 (O) 
NL Music Educators’ Association Michelle Collins
Admiral’s Academy
834-5394 (S)
834-6573 (F)
NL Counsellors’ & Psychologists’ Association Gary Hunter
Admiral’s Academy
834-5394 (S)
834-6573 (F)
Physical Education Aaron Aikens
Elizabeth Park Elementary
782-8488 (S)
782-2662 (F)
School Administrators Dale Lambe
Villanova Junior High
834-3916 (S)
834-4064 (F)
Second Language Brandon Field
Hazelwood Elementary
368-2123 (S)
368-7701 (F)
Small Schools Chad Horne
Cottrell’s Cove Academy
485-2410 (S)
485-2806 (F)
Speech Language Pathologists Sandy Crowley
A P Low Primary
944-5709 (S)
944-5580 (F)
Teacher Librarians Newfoundland & Labrador Leigh Borden
Holy Trinity Elementary
437-6433 (S)
437-1134 (F)
Technology Education Megan Roome
Villanova Junior High
834-3916 (S)
834-4064 (F)