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K. Human Rights of Teachers

  1. We, the teachers of Newfoundland, and Labrador, denounce and deplore the use of violent repression against teachers and their organizations. [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM]
  1. We affirm that it is the right of teachers to practice their profession, and to do those things which are necessary for the responsible discharge of their professional duties, without fear and without interference.
  1. We affirm that it is the right of teachers to assemble, to speak freely, and to act collectively for the purposes of improving the quality of educational services, their own competence and professional effectiveness, their conditions of employment, and their working environment, and further, to exercise the full rights of citizens in the process of a democratic society.
  1. We call upon the Government of Canada to condemn those instances in which teachers suffer reprisals for the exercise of these rights, and to make vigorous protests to Governments which perpetrate or condone outrages against teachers.
  1. We affirm our solidarity with teachers and teacher organizations that are striving to maintain these rights. We express our deep sympathy with the many teachers who have suffered injury, imprisonment, and torture, and with the families of those who have lost their lives.
  1. We urge Education International to continue and increase its efforts to secure the rights of teachers and to assist the victims of repression, and we pledge our collaboration in this work. [1982 AGM]
  1. Teachers who are parents should be permitted to speak as parents on educational changes affecting their children without jeopardy to their employment. [1997 AGM] [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM]
  1. Teachers should not be discriminated against by reason of age, sex, race, colour, marital status, political or religious affiliation, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin, social origin, disfigurement, gender identity, gender expression, family status, source of income, political opinion, criminal conviction unrelated to the individual’s employment or by reason of their membership in the NLTA. [June/6/03] [JC Nov/03] [2005 BGM] [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM] [Feb/18-19/15] [2015 BGM]

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