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I. Salaries and Allowances

1. Salaries

  1. The basic salary scale shall be based on experience and qualifications only. This implies that there shall be no salary differences based on such factors as differences in grades or subject areas taught, or differences in sex, race, national origin, colour, or religion.
  2. Qualifications shall be provided for by groups or categories based on the levels of certification prescribed in the Teacher Certification Regulations.
  3. The Collective Agreement, including terms and conditions of employment, shall provide for:
  1. A minimum salary large enough to attract worthy candidates into the teaching profession.
  2. A maximum salary high enough to ensure the mature, experienced and well-qualified teacher a salary and standard of living comparable to those enjoyed by members of other professions.
  3. In salary negotiations, attempts should be made to negotiate a clause covering any cost of living increase during the term of the agreement.

2. Allowances

  1. The salaries of those in positions of responsibility beyond that of classroom teacher shall be based on category placement according to experience and qualifications. The allowances for such positions shall be based on the premise that a teacher who is required to fulfill any position of additional responsibility shall be paid an allowance appropriate to the additional responsibility. Allowances for teaching in special subject areas or special classes do not apply in this context.
  2. Additional qualifications such as post-graduate degrees, extra undergraduate degrees, specialized training, etc., which cannot be used for increases in certificate level, should be recognized by a fixed allowance applicable to all teachers.
  3. Allowances shall be considered as being an integral part of the basic salary.
  4. The number of teachers in a school, department or board should be a factor in the calculation of the various administrative allowances.
  5. Allowances for department heads should be on a sliding scale structure similar to the one used for allowances of principals and vice-principals.
  6. Teachers should receive a living allowance equivalent to that of other government employees in any area of the province where government employees receive a living allowance.
  7. Travel and relocation allowances should be provided to teachers at a level comparable to that received by other government employees. [Feb/28-30/89]
  8. A hiring bonus should be paid to all teachers seeking employment in Labrador and other isolated communities throughout the province. [2001 BGM] [June/8/01] [JC Nov/01] [2003 BGM]

3. Method of Payment

  1. Members will be paid their annual salary in 26 equal installments as per the Collective Agreement.
  2. The portion of salary currently being held back by government should, at the request of the member, be deposited with the Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union.
  3. Government shall pay at least bank rates of interest on the portion of members’ salaries being held back.
  4. Part-time teachers under term contracts will be given the option to be paid according to the same method as substitute teachers, i.e. holdback will not be taken out of their cheques. [Dec/6-7/91] 

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