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These infosheets are intended to provide information to teachers of a general nature only. Documents such as the collective agreements, legislation and policies referenced in Infosheets will govern the specific rights and benefits of teachers. For further information please contact an administrator officer in Programs and Services.

1 NLTA Programs and Services – [English]  [French]
2 Sick and Can’t Work – What Then?
3 The Teachers’ Pension Plan
4 In The Event Of The Death Of A Member Of The NLTA
5 Teachers and Employment Insurance
6 Benefit Changes Upon Marriage, Common Law Relationships, or Acquiring Dependents
7 NLTA Group Insurance – Teachers’ Benefits/Responsibilities
8 Teachers and Parenthood Leave
9 Deferred Salary Leave Plan
10 Returning To University – Membership and Benefits
11 Planning To Retire
12 Pre-Retirement Planning Seminars and Financial Information Seminars
13 Substitute Teacher Membership and Benefits
14 Substitute Teachers and Group Insurance
15 Redundancy, Reassignment and Layoff
16 Probation, Tenure, Evaluation and Contract Termination
17 Legal Assistance for Teachers
18 Teacher Liability
19 Transportation and Teacher Liability
20 Employee Assistance Program for Teachers
21 Injury on Duty and Workers’ Compensation
22 Administration of Medication and Health Support Procedures
23 Seniority and the Collective Agreement
24 Professional Relations Disputes
25 NLTA Disciplinary Procedure
26 Cyberconduct and Electronic Communications – Important Information and Guidelines for Teachers