Branch Visitation/Executive Contacts

Branch Visitation/Executive Contacts
The NLTA operates a Branch Visitation/Executive Contact program whereby each member of the Provincial Executive is assigned responsibility for three to five branches throughout the year.

Executive/Branch Contact Assignments for the current year
Guidelines for Branch Visitation (from NLTA Policy on Branch Operations – Operations of the NLTA, Section H8)

The branch president should […]

OP – H. NLTA Branches

H. NLTA Branches
1. Organization and Operation

Section 5(1)(d) of the NLTA Act, 1974, states: “The Association may establish local and regional branches.”
Formation, Operation or Disbandment
i. The formation, operation or disbandment of a branch shall be in accordance with By-Law IX of the NLTA By-Laws and with the policies outlined below. [Feb 21- 23/07] [2007 […]

Branch Operations Manual (revised June 2021)

Branch Operations
Branch Operations Overview

Branch Visitation/Executive Contacts

The Role of Branch Committees

Model Branch By-Laws Overview

Model Branch By-laws

Substitute Teachers:

Branch Registration of Substitute Teachers
Communication with Substitute Teachers
Sample Branch Message to Substitute Teachers

Nominations for President and Vice-President and Provincial Executive Council

Resolutions to the Biennial General Meeting (BGM)

Effective Branch Operations
Branch Resources
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Suggestions for […]

School & Branch Information

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Branch Operations Overview

Branch Operations Overview
The main focus of the Branch Operations program is the providing of services to teachers through the Association’s local branch structure. This involves all aspects of branch organization as well as many membership services not directly related to the branch structure. The maintenance and improvement of services to the 47 branches is the […]

NLTA Scholarship Application Online Form

Barnes Award Nomination Form

Barnes Award
Nomination Form
Nominations must be received by the Association by January 31.
The Barnes Award has been established to recognize outstanding professional development services provided at the Special Interest Council level. A maximum of one award may be presented each year.

Nominations Procedure
Nominations must come from Special Interest Councils or Branches. Affiliate SIC executives may submit nominations […]

Branch Audit of Operating Accounts Form

Branch Audit of Operating Accounts Form
The Association has adopted certain guidelines and policies in order to assist the Finance Committee in allocating discretionary funds equitably among the branches.

By-Law XIX of the Association’s By-Laws states, in part: “The financial arrangements for NLTA branches … shall be determined by the […]

Teachers Talking To Teachers Program

Teachers Talking To Teachers Program
The Program
The “Teachers Talking To Teachers” program allows for the provision of professional development with teachers as the consultants or facilitators. It provides an opportunity for teachers to discuss with colleagues innovative practices and pilot projects in the field. The program recognizes that there are many exciting innovations taking […]

NLTA Special Recognition Award

NLTA Special Recognition Award
The NLTA Special Recognition Award, instituted by Johnson Incorporated to recognize the 100th anniversary of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association, will be presented annually to an active or life member of NLTA who, while a teacher in the province, made a major contribution to the cultural, social and/or the community life […]

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