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Branch Visitation/Executive Contacts

The NLTA operates a Branch Visitation/Executive Contact program whereby each member of the Provincial Executive is assigned responsibility for three to five branches throughout the year.

  1. Executive/Branch Contact Assignments for the current year
  2. Guidelines for Branch Visitation (from NLTA Policy on Branch Operations – Operations of the NLTA, Section H8)

The branch president should take advantage of this program. Following are some suggestions:

  1. Make contact with your assigned Executive member early in the school year.
  1. Your contact person should be utilized as your first line of contact for general branch matters, except in cases where you may require specific technical information from a particular area of the NLTA program.
  1. Do not hesitate to maintain regular contact with your assigned Executive person who can keep you updated on current issues and concerns at the provincial level. Similarly, you should inform your contact person of branch events and teacher concerns.
  1. Once the ongoing NLTA program for the year begins in September, it is sometimes difficult to make contact with a specific staff person because of assigned duties outside the office. Try to make maximum use of your assigned Executive person in relation to general branch matters.


Please refer specifically to Section H8e) of the NLTA policy regarding visits to branches by persons other than the assigned person. All requests for such visits must be coordinated through the Branch Operations Office. Branch presidents are asked to take note of this policy and make any requests accordingly.

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