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Teachers Talking To Teachers Program


The Program
The “Teachers Talking To Teachers” program allows for the provision of professional development with teachers as the consultants or facilitators. It provides an opportunity for teachers to discuss with colleagues innovative practices and pilot projects in the field. The program recognizes that there are many exciting innovations taking place in the classrooms of Newfoundland and Labrador, and teachers benefit from being able to talk to colleagues engaged in these innovations. The program is also based on the premise that the most effective professional development takes place when teachers work together in relatively small groups. The “Teachers Talking To Teachers” program is designed to supplement and enrich the other forms of professional development provided by branches, councils and schools.

Application Guidelines
1. The following host groups are eligible to apply for funding under this program:

  • Special Interest Councils and Affiliates;
  • Schools; and
  • NLTA Branches.

2. Programs funded by “Teachers Talking To Teachers” shall be directed towards the processes of learning rather that subject content. Preference shall be given to such programs that highlight innovation and creativity on the part of individual teachers.

3. Teachers acting as consultants and/or facilitators under this program should request leave from their respective boards.

4. Teachers acting as consultants and/or facilitators under this program will be reimbursed by the host group for:

  1. transportation costs and meals as per NLTA policy; and
  2. accommodation, if required, as per NLTA policy.

5. Upon completion of the program, host groups will be reimbursed as per regulation (4) after receipted documentation of expenses is completed.

6. “Teachers Talking To Teachers” funding will be limited to one teacher consultant/facilitator per host group per year.