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NLTA Policy Handbook

NLTA Policy Handbook
NLTA Policy and Procedures Statements


A. NLTA Membership               

Active Membership
Other Membership Categories
Opting-Out Provision
Deduction of Fees
Principles of Professional Practice
Membership Registration

B. Executive of NLTA

Guides to the Conduct of Executive Meetings
Conflict of Interest […]

OP – I. Joint Council

I. Joint Council
Joint Council shall be a body consisting of the members of the Provincial Executive Council and Branch Presidents all of whom have equal voting rights and responsibilities. [Feb/19-20/98] [JC Feb/98]

1. Authority

Joint Council shall function as an advisory body to Provincial Executive Council but shall have decision-making authority in the following areas:

a) Whether a […]

History of NLTA Branches

History of NLTA Branches
Branches, or locals, were a fairly late development for the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association. In the early years and right up to the mid-thirties, the teachers who paid a membership fee were relatively discrete units who could and did attend the infrequent Convention. Between such Conventions, a small Executive kept the […]

Rules of Order for Branch Meetings

Rules of Order for Branch Meetings
The By-Laws of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association state that Advice on the Conduct of Meetings, published by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, supplemented by Robert’s Rules of Order, shall govern procedures of all meetings when not inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws. The suggested order of business for the […]

Branch Elections

Branch Elections
Providing for the smooth transition of branch executive offices from year to year is an important and necessary function of the branch. To this end, the branch should have in place a Nominating Committee.

This committee should be appointed well in advance of the date of the elections. It is strongly suggested that the new […]

Checklist for an Effective Meeting

Checklist for an Effective Meeting
Essentials For Effective Meetings

Well publicized
Members are greeted by branch executive person
Convene on time
Good opening (warm-up)
Well planned agenda (prioritized)
Clear roles (leader, recorder, participants)
Appropriate environment (comfortable)
No outside interruptions
Define adjournment time

Pre-Meeting Checklist

Precise Purpose – Objective
Send announcement (time, purpose, location, etc.)
Tentative agenda […]

Effective Conduct of Branch Meetings

Effective Conduct of Branch Meetings
The branch meeting is the forum at which your branch business is conducted. Since teachers are often involved in various organizations and activities which make demands on their free time, an effort must be made to make the branch meeting interesting, informative and attractive so that branch members will have a […]

OP – S. Association Awards

S. Association Awards
1. Presentation of Provincial Awards Outside of BGM

a) During a non-Convention year, award recipients will be presented with their awards at an occasion to be determined by the provincial President. Award recipients from both the non-Convention and Convention years will be invited to the Biennial General Meeting where their awards will be recognized […]

Guide for Planning the Branch Year

Guide for Planning the Branch Year
Suggested Branch Program

Ensure that all relevant files are passed over to the appropriate executive person.
Check that each school has a school representative and a contact person on the branch Executive.
Arrange to fill any vacant offices on branch executive.
Ensure that the Preliminary Branch Registration Form and the […]

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