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Checklist for an Effective Meeting

Essentials For Effective Meetings

  • Well publicized
  • Members are greeted by branch executive person
  • Convene on time
  • Good opening (warm-up)
  • Well planned agenda (prioritized)
  • Clear roles (leader, recorder, participants)
  • Appropriate environment (comfortable)
  • Materials/Equipment
  • No outside interruptions
  • Define adjournment time

Pre-Meeting Checklist

  • Precise Purpose – Objective
  • Send announcement (time, purpose, location, etc.)
  • Tentative agenda distributed with required backup materials
  • Pre-determined adjournment time
  • Identify audience
  • Identify materials (visuals, equipment) needed and dry run
  • Who can help? Ask in advance
  • Estimate time for each agenda item
  • Plan opening
  • Use displays if appropriate
  • Arrange for refreshments

Role of Chairperson

  • Begin on time
  • Start with enthusiasm
  • Keep on target
  • One agenda item at a time, have a knowledgeable branch executive person briefly outline each issue or do it yourself
  • Cut off redundant debate
  • Ensure a safe space for all members to engage (don’t allow one or two dominant personalities to control the conversation)
  • Encourage discussion but avoid rambling
  • Keep climate relaxed but be efficient
  • Use Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Tap resources of audience
  • Serve as negotiator, arbitrator, listener, be neutral – shift role
  • Keep calm but don’t be boring!
  • Adjourn on time

Role of Meeting Participants

  • Do advance preparation – read any discussion papers sent by branch executive.
  • Be on time
  • Raise questions for clarification
  • Demonstrate responsible attitude/behaviour and good manners
  • Accept share of work – offer to help
  • Stick to the point
  • Be sensitive to the feelings of others (particularly the chairperson)
  • Listen actively – listening with warmth is contagious

Post-Meeting Checklist

  • Minutes should be prepared as soon as possible and should contain:

   – time, date, place of meeting

   – number of persons present

   – accurate record of proceedings and decisions made

   – all motions recorded by motion/seconder and text of motion, and

   – deadlines, follow-up responsibilities, list of handouts, etc.

  • Action Sheet
  • Evaluation
  • Next meeting (date/time/location/tentative agenda)

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