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Awards, Programs, Funds and Scholarships

The Professional Development programs of the Association are designed to assist teachers with their personal, professional and informational needs.

Beginning/Early Career Teachers

If new teachers wish to receive the new teacher information on a flash drive please send an email to:

Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining for teachers in Newfoundland and Labrador is governed by “The Teachers’ Collective Bargaining Act”.  In accordance with NLTA policy, regular communication is provided to members by way of periodic updates on the status of the collective bargaining process.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for teachers is a jointly sponsored effort between NLTA, the provincial government, and the School Boards Association. It is in place to assist teachers who may be experiencing personal or work-related problems that could affect work performance. It is designed to provide confidential help at the earliest possible time before problems become more serious. The kinds of issues addressed by the EAP include, but are not limited to: marital and family, work and personal stress, financial, substance abuse/addictions, career, health concerns, and grief and loss.

Index to Programs & Services

This gives you a list of all the Programs & Services available through the NLTA. It also includes the administrative staff person’s name who has responsibility for that area.

Maternity / Parenthood Leave

Links to all the necessary information you will need as you prepare for your maternity/parenthood leave as well as a copy of the sample Maternity Leave Request letter you are required to send to your school district.

Member Services

Links to information relevant to NLTA members.

Pre-Retirement Seminars

Teachers within two years of retirement can register to attend a Pre-Retirement Seminar. These seminars are held in accordance with Association policy as part of its overall program of pre-retirement counselling.

Professional Development

The NLTA has a commitment to the promotion of the professional excellence and personal well-being of teachers. Whether just entering the profession, in mid-career or near retirement, increased societal expectations of teachers, major restructuring of educational programs and reduction in educational funding are now combining to make teaching a more challenging and perhaps a more exciting endeavour than it has ever been. The Association is responding to the personal, professional and informational needs experienced at each career stage so that teachers can remain healthy in this profession. The Professional Development programs of the Association are designed to assist teachers in this endeavour while restoring individual and collective pride in the teaching force of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Salary, Benefits and Pension

Substitute Teachers

Teachers’ Pension Plan Corporation

Workshops and Presentations