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Index to Association Programs & Services

These are the programs and services available through the NLTA. Also included below is the staff person’s name who has responsibility for that area.

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Advertising Jennifer Tulk Michelle Lamarche
Association Fees Wade Rogers Rita Tee
Association Awards
     Allan Bishop Award Samantha Lee,  Janelle Downton
     Bancroft Award Samantha Lee,  Janelle Downton
     Barnes Award Judy Cribb
    Centennial Fund Awards

Ian Crewe Judy Cribb
     Special Recognition Award Samantha Lee,  Janelle Downton
Beginning Teachers Darlene Johnson Melanie Jaster
Biennial General Meeting (BGM) Stefanie Tuff Jeanine Warford Samantha Lee
BGM Electoral Committee Deana Hatcher
BGM Resolutions Committee Bob JohnstonMiriam Sheppard
BGM Scrutineers Committee Darlene JohnsonJohn Veitch
Branch Leadership Seminars Stefanie Tuff Jeanine Warford 
Branch Operations Stefanie Tuff Samantha LeeJanelle DowntonRita Tee
     Branch Funding Requests Wade Rogers
     Branch Visitation PresidentStefanie TuffIan Crewe
Bulletin – Newsletter of the NLTA Jennifer Tulk Michelle Lamarche
By-Laws to BGM Stefanie Tuff Samantha Lee,  Janelle Downton
Collective Bargaining Stefanie Tuff, John Veitch Lesley Ball
     Job Action Co-ordination Darrin Pike
     Job Action Rules Bob Johnston
     Labrador Benefits Negotiations Miriam Sheppard Lesley Ball
     Labrador West Negotiations John Veitch Lesley Ball
     Provincial Negotiations Stefanie Tuff,  John Veitch Lesley Ball
Communications – Media, Advertising Jennifer Tulk Michelle Lamarche
CONTACT Conference Bob JohnstonIan Crewe Judy Cribb
Curriculum Committee Deana Hatcher  Judy Cribb
Database (NLTA Membership) Wade Rogers Scott Jackson
Deferred Salary Leave Plan Darlene Johnson
Developing Successful Schools Conference (DSS) Gabriel Ryan Judy Cribb
Discount Program Jennifer Tulk Michelle Lamarche
Education Week Jennifer Tulk Michelle Lamarche
Educational Leave Deana Hatcher Judy Cribb
Employee Assistance Program Gail Carroll, Kenda Riggs Jessica Carew
Employment Insurance Bob Johnston
Equity Issues in Education Darlene Johnson Judy Cribb
Executive Council Stefanie Tuff Samantha Lee,  Janelle Downton
Expense Claims Wade Rogers Rita Tee
Fees Wade Rogers Rita Tee
Financial Information Seminars Deana Hatcher Judy Cribb
Grievances Programs and Services Administrative Officers
Government Money Purchase Pension Plan (GMPP) Bob Johnston
Group Insurance Darrin Pike Melanie Jaster
Janeway Day in the Schools Jennifer Tulk Michelle Lamarche
Job Vacancies (NLTA) Wade Rogers Rita Tee
Maternity/Parental Leave Deana Hatcher
Media Releases Jennifer Tulk Michelle Lamarche
Membership Benefits & Services Committee Gabriel Ryan Lesley Ball
Membership Cards Wade Rogers Jason Brenton
Occupational Health & Safety Miriam Sheppard
Pensions Deana Hatcher Judy Cribb
Pre-Retirement Seminars Deana Hatcher Judy Cribb
Professional Development Fund Ian Crewe Judy Cribb
Professional Issues in Teaching Committee Ian Crewe Judy Cribb
Project Overseas Ian Crewe Judy Cribb
Requests for the President to attend speaking engagements Dean Ingram Samantha Lee
Resolutions to/from Biennial General Meeting (BGM) Stefanie TuffIan Crewe Samantha Lee
School Board-Teacher Liaison NLESD – Stefanie Tuff, Bob Johnston
CSFP – John VeitchDarlene Johnson
Jeanine Warford 
Special Interest Councils Darlene Johnson Judy Cribb
Student Scholarships Deana Hatcher Judy Cribb
Substitute Teacher Committee Bob Johnston Lesley Ball
Substitute Teachers Bob Johnston
Table Officers Stefanie TuffIan Crewe Samantha LeeJanelle Downton
Teacher Certification Committee Deana Hatcher
Teacher Certification Issues and Appeals Darlene Johnson
Teacher Health Assistance Program Darrin Pike Melanie Jaster
Teacher Induction Program Stefanie Tuff Jeanine Warford 
Teacher Wellness Gail CarrollKenda Riggs Paula Coleman
Teachers Talking to Teachers John Veitch Judy Cribb
Teaching and Learning Assistants Ian Crewe Judy Cribb
Union Fees Wade Rogers Rita Tee
Website Jennifer Tulk Michelle Lamarche
Workers’ Compensation/Injury on Duty Darrin Pike Melanie Jaster