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Branch Registration for Substitute Teachers

Because substitute teachers may work across branch boundaries and become active members of the NLTA only after they’ve been employed as a teacher at least once in a school year, is it necessary for NLTA branches to conduct a formal branch registration of their substitute teacher members. This is carried out by having each substitute teacher who has worked within the branch complete a substitute teacher registration form. From the information compiled on these forms, the branch must then compile a list of its substitute teacher members (along with addresses and telephone numbers) and submit an official registration of substitute teachers to the Association’s provincial office.

Most branches have ensured that the substitute teacher registration forms are available to the substitute teachers through the branch’s school representatives. Any substitute teacher who has not yet completed such a registration form for branch membership, should obtain a copy by contacting an NLTA school representative or a member of the branch executive.

Substitute teachers should also note that they automatically become members of the provincial Association after they’ve obtained one session of substituting in a school year, entitling them to all the rights and privileges of active membership. However, to ensure contact with the local branch, a substitute should complete the following substitute teacher branch registration form.