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U. NLTA Scholarships and Awards for Students

1. NLTA Medal to MUN Students

In consultation with Memorial University, the Association will make an annual award to an Education student who, during their academic career, has made an outstanding contribution to the Faculty of Education and to the University. The recipient must be a graduating student and have a consistently good academic record in the professional courses required for the degree.

The award will be made by the University acting on the recommendation of the Dean of Education. [May/6-7/88]

2. NLTA Scholarships to Students

NLTA will award six scholarships annually to dependents of active, retired, disabled, or deceased members, subject to the following conditions:

a) The award will be made upon completion of secondary school and through application to the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association.

b) The amount of each scholarship will be $1,000.

c) The award is based on the criteria used by the Department of Education for the selection of provincial scholarship recipients. [JC Feb/98] [June/11/04] [JC Nov/04] [2005 BGM]

3. NLTA Scholarship to MUN Faculty of Education Student

This scholarship, made possible through a donation to the MUN Anniversary Fund, will be awarded annually on the basis of academic excellence and character to a senior student enrolled in the Faculty of Education. The award will be made by the MUN Senate Committee on Scholarships acting on the recommendation of the Dean of Education. [May/22/81]

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