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D. President of NLTA

  1. The authority, term of office, and election procedures for the President are governed by the NLTA Act and By-Laws. [June/11-12/99] [JC Feb/18-19/00] [2001 BGM]
  2. The guidelines relating to presidential expenses are located in Section I.E.12 of this Policy Handbook.
  3. a) In matters of initial statements of policy, the President is the spokesperson for the NLTA as an Association, it being understood that policy is determined by the Executive, carrying out the general policy directives set forth or determined by the delegates at biennial general meetings.
    b) In cases of emergency where statements need to be made in the interests of teachers and/or of the NLTA, the President is authorized to act after consultation with Executive members.
  4. The President of the NLTA is not permitted to concurrently hold an Executive position in any political party.
  5. Vacation
    The President has, within limits of the demanding requirements of the job, the ability to arrange their own schedule. However, while recognizing the demands of the office, the President is entitled to take, at their discretion, up to six weeks of holidays for each year of the two-year term.
  6. Sick Leave
    The NLTA President has the same sick leave benefits as if they were an active teacher.
    The NLTA President shall be covered with mandatory salary continuation insurance. NLTA will pay the full cost of this premium. [Feb/3-4/84]

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