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Expense Claim Instructions

General Instructions

A separate claim form should be prepared for each function requiring an expense claim. If some trip covers two or more functions, please indicate on claim form the appropriate cost allocation for each function.


  • Payment will be made for travel over the most direct route.
  • Economy airfare only may be claimed.
  • If driving your own vehicle, a member may claim for the lesser of economy airfare or kilometres where applicable.
  • A member may claim kilometreage in getting to the airport, as in Corner Brook to Deer Lake.
  • Return Distances in Kilometres:
Corner Brook  Gander Clarenville St. John’s  Deer Lake Stephenville
Stephenville  154  914 1214 1592 254  —
Deer Lake 100 598 896 1274  — 254
Gander 700  — 298 662 598 914
Corner Brook  — 700 996 1374 100 154
St. John’s 1374 662 378  — 1274 1592
Clarenville 996 298  — 378 896  1214
  • The Association’s kilometre reimbursement rates for paved roads shall be established at 40% of the average cost of self-serve, regular gasoline, as determined on the first day of each fiscal quarter and remaining constant for the specific quarter, to a maximum of the non-taxable vehicle allowance per kilometre as established by the Canada Revenue Agency. It is understood that the average cost referenced herein shall mean the cost as determined for the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Show Room Charge Only — please provide a receipt.


A per diem of $75.00 will usually apply. Breakfast – $20.00, Lunch – $20.00, Dinner – $35.00


Your claim must be accompanied by a receipt.


$25.00 maximum will be paid to those using private accommodations instead of hotel rooms.


To cover expenses not included under previous headings. A brief explanation should be given in the description


  • Charges such as hotel or airlines which may have been billed directly to NLTA.
  • Credit card payments made by NLTA Executive (attach receipts).


Expense Types on Claim

Check the box for each type of expense you will have on the claim. Tabs will appear for each type you click. The sub-totals on this page are calculated from each of the expenses you include. But you should check them before you submit your claim.

Save as Draft

Save as Draft allows you to save an Expenses Claim in process without losing any data. It will prompt you for your email address and to set a password, then email you a link that you can use to access your work in progress to complete at a later date.

If you are an employee of the NLTA, you can access your drafts through the LFWEB icon on your desktop.

Per Diem

Enter a line for each day you are claiming Per Diem. Click the link for ‘Add new per diem line’ to add additional days.

For each day you add, indicate which meals you are claiming.  If meals are provided by an event you are attending, check no for that particular meal (i.e. if lunch is provided at no cost on a particular day, then click no for lunch on that day).

General Expenses

For each expense you are adding, please list the date of the receipt, a description of the expense, the type of expense, and the total cost.

You can click the link ‘Add new general expense line’ to create a new expense line. You should have a receipt for each line and upload those receipts on the final page of this expense claim.

NLTA Paid Expenses

Use this section if the NLTA paid all or a portion of your expenses by corporate credit card, cash advance, or directly.

You can list the expense and the amount paid by the NLTA. This can then be deducted from the total claim if the ‘Deduct’ checkbox is checked.

You can also use this section to list additional receipts that you did not pay but must be submitted. BUT be sure to uncheck the ‘Deduct’ checkbox or they will be deducted from your total.

Driving Expenses

“Enter the starting point and ending point of your trip.

There are links at the top of the form to lookup the Per KM rates as well as the allowable distances for trips.

Remember, when driving your own vehicle, a member may claim for the lesser of economy airfare or kilometres where applicable.

To add additional trips, click the ‘Add new KM expense line’.

Upload Help

Most photocopiers today are able to scan documents to a file or email. Or you can take a picture of the receipt with your phone and save it to your PC to attach to this form. You can upload jpg, png, bmp, tiff or PDF files. But they must be smaller than 5MB each and all files must not exceed 24MB. Otherwise, you will have to make them smaller in size.

REMEMBER: you must attach all receipts or your claim may be delayed.