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Education Week 2023

Better Together/Mieux Ensemble

Resources for Teachers

The Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association is holding Education Week 2023 from March 13-17 with the theme Better Together/Mieux Ensemble. This year’s theme represents the “new” normal return to in-class learning and the strength and celebration that comes from gathering and learning together.  This not only positively impacts educational growth, but social and emotional growth of students as well.

All teachers are encouraged to observe Education Week with their students. Below are some resources and activities to help celebrate Education Week in your schools and classrooms. These resources have been compiled and submitted by the NLTA Special Interest Councils and we thank them for their contributions.

Resources submitted by the Health Education Special Education Council:

Health Education Activity Ideas

Resources submitted by the Math/Science Special Interest Council:

Sweet Education Week Ideas from the MSSIC

Re-growing Lettuce and Onions Using Hydroponics
Lettuce: Take a lettuce stump. Place it in a glass or jar so that only the bottom of the stump is submerged in water. Keep near a window.
Onion: Place an onion so that it sits on the lip of a glass or Mason jar. Fill the glass or jar with water until only the root part of the onion is submerged. Watch the green onion sprouts grow! Keep near a window.
Note: Green onions can be regrown in this way as well using water in clear egg cartons.

Make your own Flower Seed Bombs

Growing a Variety of Food Plants from the Parts We Normally Throw Away

Tomatosphere Activity

Lessons about Personal Growth and Having Career Conversations Outside of “Career Education” Courses:

Mini Earth for Studying Closed Ecosystems (Science 1206)

MSSIC Sponsored Second Annual Maker Faire

Ecology-Art-Poetry Activity
This is an interdisciplinary activity that can be done with Science 1206 classes but it can be done, in part or whole, with any class, at any level, especially those studying ecology. Click HERE.

Resources submitted by the NL Music Educators Association:

Better Together Lesson Ideas

Resources submitted by the Technology in Education Special Interest Council:

TESIC Youtube Channel
Explore recordings of TESIC’s past PL events:

Brilliant Labs Project Portal
Brilliant Labs is a charity that supports students, teachers and communities with cross-curricular, maker-centered learning. Check out their online portal for classroom project ideas.

Scratch Coding
Scratch is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Check out the Educators page for more information on how to incorporate Scratch into your classroom. Check out the Tutorials page for some fun and easy tutorials on getting started with Scratch.

Micro:bit MakeCode
Microsoft’s MakeCode editor is the perfect way to start programming and get creating with the BBC micro:bit. The colour-coded blocks are familiar to anyone who’s previously used Scratch, and yet powerful enough to access all the features of this tiny computer. You can also switch to JavaScript to see the text-based code behind the blocks. For more information on using the micro:bit, check out the Getting Started page. Getting Started:

Minecraft for Education
Minecraft: Education Edition is a game-based platform that inspires creative, inclusive learning through play. Explore blocky worlds that unlock new ways to tackle any subject or challenge. Minecraft: Education Edition has features built specifically for learning environments to support collaboration, assessment, coding, and more. Browse over 600 standards-aligned lessons to engage students across the curriculum.® is an education innovation nonprofit dedicated to the vision that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science as part of their core K-12 education. This website contains self-paced courses for students from K-12 to learn how to code. If you don’t have time for their full length courses, check out their Hour of Code resources.