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Communication with Substitute Teachers


Because substitutes have a choice regarding the branch in which they wish to become a member, branches are required to contact each substitute whose name they submit as a branch member. During this contact, the substitute should have been informed of the fact that the choice for branch membership in entirely up to the individual.

In order to facilitate communications between the branch and its substitute teachers and the involvement of substitute teachers in branch affairs, this policy has been accepted by the Provincial Executive and reaffirmed at subsequent Conventions. This communications process should be put into place in any branch where there are more than ten substitutes in the branch area.

To assist the branch in making the first contact with substitute teacher members after they have been registered with the branch, a sample message to substitute teachers from the branch is included here. Feel free to use it as is with specific branch information included or adapt it as necessary.

The Substitute Teacher Representative on the branch executive will be responsible for the registration of and continued communication with substitute teachers within the branch with the assistance of school representatives. In the event that no substitute teacher representative is elected to the branch executive, the branch vice-president should take responsibility for communications with substitute teachers. Please review the Model Branch By-Laws for the specific duties of the Substitute Teacher Representative.

Responsibilities of the Provincial Association

Such things as Bulletins, newsletters, etc. should be included in bulk mailings to schools.

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