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E. Group Insurance

  1. The NLTA shall provide a group insurance plan consisting of life, accidental death and dismemberment, health, dental, critical illness, long-term disability and out-of-province medical insurance to all members who qualify under the eligibility guidelines.
  1. The NLTA Group Insurance Plan shall be administered by a Board of Managers appointed by the Provincial Executive. Teachers who sit as Managers must be members of at least one option under the plan. The Managers shall operate under the guidelines of the Group Insurance Deed of Declaration, and in accordance with the Trustee Act of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. [Aug/23-24/91] [1993 AGM] [Sept/23/16] [JC Oct/16] [2017 BGM]
  1. Group Insurance managers will be appointed for a maximum seven-year term excluding time as Chair. The Chair will be selected from the Managers appointed.  Appointment is made on an annual basis with representation as follows:  Two Executive Members, RTANL Member, Teacher Representative from Labrador area of province, Teacher Representative from West Coast area of province, Teacher Representative from Central area of province.  [2019 BGM] 
  1. The eligibility guidelines shall be drawn up by the Managers, in collaboration with the administrator and underwriters and reviewed on an annual basis. [Sept/23/16] [JC Oct/16] [2017 BGM]
  1. For all members covered by the provincial collective agreements, and who are on regular payroll, participation in Options A1 (Life), A3 (Accidental Death and Dismemberment), B (Health), B2 (Dental), and CI (Critical Illness) shall be automatic. Teachers under age 60, who are hired in a new contract after May 1, 2017, shall be enrolled automatically for Option C (Long-Term Disability) according to the eligibility guidelines. [June/14-15/91] [1993 AGM] [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM] [Oct/18/19]
  1. Members so automatically enrolled under No. 4 above, may opt out of any or all of these coverages by completing the official opt out form. Subsequent re-entry into any or all of the options will be governed by the guidelines set by the Managers and underwriting provisions. [Sept/23/16] [JC Oct/16] [2017 BGM]
  1. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador shall contribute 50% of the premiums to Option A1, A3, B, B2, C and CI for teachers on regular payroll.
  1. Non-NLTA members of the bargaining units shall be eligible only for those options of the plan which receive financial contribution by government as per the collective agreement.
  1. For members on regular payroll and retired members in receipt of pension, premiums shall be paid through deduction at source. For other eligible members, premiums shall be paid through an arrangement made with the insurance administrators.
  1. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador shall contribute 100% of the premiums for A1, A3, B, B2, C and CI for teachers who are on unpaid leave of absence to pursue studies and at least 50% of the premiums for the same options, for teachers on other forms of unpaid leave.
  1. For all members of the NLTA on substitute teacher payroll, participation in A1, A2, A3, A4, B and B2, shall be by application, and subject to the eligibility guidelines.
  1. For all members of the NLTA over age 65, and in receipt of pensions, participation in a Post- 65 Life coverage, Health Plan and Dental Plan shall be automatic, subject to the eligibility guidelines.
  1. a) Full-time staff members of the Association are eligible for the same coverage offered members of the Association.b) Replacement staff members who are hired for 20 or more consecutive working days will be eligible on hiring for participation in the plan. Otherwise, the replacement staff members will be eligible on the completion of 20 consecutive working days or when it is known to the Association that their services will exceed 20 consecutive working days. [May/6-7/88] [1989 AGM]

    c) Regular part-time staff members, when it is known that their total service with the Association will exceed 20 working days, will be eligible for participation in the plan at the time of hiring. Otherwise, they will be eligible for participation in the plan when the total service exceeds 20 working days or when it has become known to the Association that their total service will exceed 20 working days. [May/6-7/88] [1989 AGM] 
  1. With the approval of Managers, the insurance administrator is authorized to include material on automobile and home insurance (available through payroll deduction) in the NLTA Group Insurance Plan Information Kit. Members are to be informed that home and auto insurance are not part of the group insurance plan. [Sept/23/16] [JC Oct/16] [2017 BGM]
  1. Information on all aspects of the NLTA Group Insurance shall be disseminated to the membership on a regular basis. At the Biennial General Meeting, the Group Insurance Managers shall present a statement of projected income and expenditure for the upcoming year. [Nov/3-4/88] [1989 AGM] [Sept/23/16] [JC Oct/16] [2017 BGM]
  1. An Emergency Fund is to be established out of the Group Insurance surplus to the level of one month’s premium for all options. The Fund will be used for the following purposes:
    1.  to pay group insurance premiums for all members enrolled in the Group Insurance Plan who are affected by a job action, and
    2. to pay any other emergency cost related to insurance that Managers deem justified and within the parameters of the Deed of Declaration. [Sept/23/16] [JC Oct/16] [2017 BGM]
  1. Insurance Fund Investment Policy
    Group insurance funds are invested as per the NLTA Investment Policy. [June/6/03] [JC Nov/03] [2005 BGM] [Mar/30/06] [2007 BGM] 
  1. Education and Training Policy
    Individual teachers appointed to serve as a member of the NLTA Group Insurance Managers shall be governed by the NLTA Group Insurance Managers Education and Training Policy. The length of the Education and Training Policy makes it impossible to include it in this publication. However, the complete text is available upon request from the NLTA office. [JC Feb/15] [2015 BGM] [Sept/23/16] [JC Oct/16] [2017 BGM]

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