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Extra-curricular Activities and Committees

As a result of the recent and rapid increase of cases of COVID-19, notably linked to extra-curricular activities, the Association is pleased that the District has made the decision to cancel all extra-curricular activities at this time.  Details on this cancellation can be found in the NLESD News Release found here.

Notwithstanding this, in the event that these activities are to resume in the near future, the Association would remind members of the information found below.

As per Clauses 29.03, 29.06 and 29.08 of the Provincial Collective Agreement (Clauses 17.02, 17.05 and 17.07 of the Labrador West Collective Agreement), teachers’ participation in extra-curricular activities and committees, including school development teams, is voluntary:

29.03:  It is agreed that extra-curricular activities are a desirable part of a well-rounded education. It is also agreed that the principal and staff of each school will determine the extra-curricular activities to be provided in their school. Notwithstanding this, a teacher’s participation in any extra-curricular activity requires that teacher’s consent.

29.08:  A teacher’s participation on a school-based or board-based committee requires that teacher’s consent.

There is no doubt that even if instances of COVID-19 do begin to decrease, there are obvious health and safety concerns associated with bringing groups of students together, likely from various cohorts, for additional periods of time. While most committees could likely operate virtually, teachers should be mindful, this year more than ever, of protecting their personal time and maintaining as reasonable a work/life balance as possible. Teacher volunteerism is always worthwhile and has a positive impact on school culture, but these are individual decisions based on personal circumstances. Having volunteered in the past does not obligate a teacher to continue in this capacity.

This school year has presented and will continue to present many new issues, challenges and demands for NLTA members. As professionals, teachers should consider what they can reasonably take on, prioritize, and feel comfortable exercising the discretion they have to set professional limits on voluntary activities for the remainder of 2020-21. Any member directed to participate in a voluntary activity should contact the Association for advice.

NLTA members seeking advice/assistance on specific matters related to their individual circumstances should contact the Association via