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September/October 2020

If you want to predict the future – Create it!~ Abraham Lincoln

As another school year begins we have all had to set priorities, reflect on what it is that we can do and what truly matters to us. This past summer I know many of you were anxiously wondering what this school year would look like. Our students left us, physically, far earlier than any of us were prepared for, but we know it was necessary. All of you took steps to ensure your students’ learning continued to the best of your abilities within the confines that were placed upon you. I am very proud of your efforts and you should be too!

As we commence another school year things look very different. Our schools, our classrooms, and our routines are altered as we move to accommodate changes due to COVID-19. There will be challenges. Your Association has been advocating for necessary safety measures, and while there has been some progress, we can all recognize that additional measures are needed. It is important that our collective efforts continue. As you face challenges this school year, I would ask that you reflect on what is important to you both professionally and personally. Make choices about what you can do within your own personal situation. Reflect on tasks that you volunteer to take on and evaluate them through the lens of the benefit and the cost of doing them. You do have a choice. You can take control of activities you take on. I heard the following quote early in my career and it has stayed with me, “You can’t be good to your job unless you are good to your family, and you can’t be good to your family unless you are good to yourself”.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to thank three of our long-serving staff members for their extensive service and contribution to the Association. George Tucker (Administrative Officer), Lesley-Ann Browne (Communications Officer) and Joann Russell (Executive Assistance – Governance) have decided to move on to the next chapter of their lives. On behalf of all members of the Association, I want to extend best wishes and thank them for their years of service to the teachers of this province. May they all create the futures that they would like.

Until next time