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Section III: Operational Requirements, Viability and Reporting

A. Initial Registration

a) Immediately upon assuming office, each council executive shall submit a completed Viability Profile and identify an Interim Executive.

b) At the end of the first year of a newly formed council executive’s term of office, voting for a successor executive-elect should take place.

B. Annual Registration and Reporting

a) By October 15 of each year, each SIC Executive shall submit a Viability Profile and the Annual Provincial Registration and Budget Request form to the Administrative Officer responsible for oversight of the Special Interest Councils of the NLTA.

b) A copy of the reports will be submitted to the Professional Issues Committee of the NLTA.

c) Each year, the Provincial Executive of any SIC will secure a Viability Profile and Annual Provincial Registration and Budget Request form from any affiliates.

d) Minutes shall be taken at all Executive meetings.

C. AGM/BGM Reporting

a) The outgoing executive shall submit a report to the council’s annual or biennial meeting of activity of the Provincial Council and applicable affiliates. This report shall contain:

  1. A financial report and all financial and banking information/documents.
  2. A summary of council activities over the term of office of the Executive, including minutes from Executive meetings.
  3. Information on any ongoing projects or special projects in development as well as financial information pertaining to same.
  4. An updated Viability Profile of the council.
  5. An up-to-date membership list and contact information for same.

b) Audited Reports 

Within six weeks of the council’s annual or biennial meeting, the outgoing treasurer shall submit to the new executive, a complete statement of the council’s income and expenditure, signed by two Executive members, together with expenses applicable to that AGM or BGM.