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Appendix C: NLTA Special Interest Council Barnes Award

The Barnes Award, named in honour of Dr. Arthur Barnes, the first Minister of Education in the province who, in 1928, initiated a number of teacher conferences to promote excellence in education, was established in 1987 to recognize outstanding professional development services provided by teachers at the Special Interest Council level.

a) Nomination Procedure

  1. Nominations must come from provincial Special Interest Councils or branches and are open to any member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association who is active in the Special Interest Council structure of the Association and to any retired teacher within two years of retirement from teaching who was active in the Special Interest Council structure.
  2. Nominations are to be completed and submitted online on the approved nomination form. Nomination forms are available on the NLTA website and include all necessary guidelines and regulations governing the award.
  3. All nominations must be received by the Association by January 31.
  4. Unsuccessful nominees in any year will be automatically re-nominated for the two subsequent years following the original nomination, subject to the limit of two years following retirement for nominations of retired teachers.

b) Selection Committee

The recommendation for the Barnes Award recipient will be made to the NLTA Provincial Executive by the Professional Issues Committee.

c) Presentation

  1. A maximum number of one award will be presented each year.
  2. Each recipient will be presented with a ring and a plaque.
  3. The President of the Association shall announce the recipient(s) at least two weeks prior to Convention and, in a non-Convention year, at a convenient time following the Executive meeting at which the award recipient is approved.
  4. The recipient will be notified by the President, by telephone and letter. A copy of the letter will be forwarded to the recipient’s Director of Education and school principal.
  5. Announcements, containing information on the recipient and the award, will appear in The Bulletin as well as all NLTA social media channels. Award recipients will also be announced through targeted online advertising on media websites. 
  6. All nominees for the award will be sent a letter of recognition by the President.