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Supervision of Students

Teachers have a legislated duty to supervise students under the Schools Act, 1997. As per Clauses 29.01 and 17.01 of the Provincial and Labrador West Collective Agreements, respectively, school administrators are required to consult with teachers prior to finalizing supervision schedules. Administrators are advised to keep teacher supervision to a minimum, allowing more professional time for instructional preparation. Teachers can be required to supervise students during non-instructional time, including prior to the start and following the end of the school day, as long as this does not extend the length of the work day (see section on “Length of the Work/Instructional Day” regarding Schedules D and E of the Provincial and Labrador West Collective Agreements).

Teachers’ duties in this regard can include supervising students as they exit and enter school buses to ensure student safety. However, teachers and administrators cannot be required to conduct traffic control, or direct traffic flow on school parking lots, nor are they responsible for confronting drivers who are not obeying traffic rules. Administrators should ensure that traffic flow rules and expectations for school lots are clearly communicated to and within the school community, and that the school district is made aware of any need for additional/clearer signage or markings. In the event of non-compliance, teachers and/or administrators should note the license plate number of drivers who disregard school traffic and parking lot rules and advise their Director of Schools.

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