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Length of the School Year/ Report Card Preparation/Teacher Directed PD

As per Clauses 28.01 and 16.01 of the Provincial and Labrador West Collective Agreements respectively, a school year consists of 195 paid days. Of these 195 days: 185 are actual teaching days; three are paid holidays; two are non-teaching administrative days; one is a non-teaching day for the exclusive use of teachers for report card preparation; and four days are non-teaching days for professional development, one of which must be reserved at the school level for professional development needs identified by teachers in consultation with their school principal.

On July 20, the Minister of Education announced that he was using his discretion to change, without consultation, the starting date of the school year from September 8 to September 2 to allow for the three District controlled professional development days to occur prior to the return of students on September 9, along with one of the administrative days being scheduled for September 8. As of September 9 onward, teachers still have 185 paid teaching days, three paid holidays, one administrative day, one report card preparation day, and one professional development day reserved at the school level for the professional development needs identified by teachers in consultation with their principals.

If the information or direction given in any school differs from the expectations outlined above, members should contact an NLTA Administrative Officer in Programs and Services immediately to seek advice.

NLTA members seeking advice/assistance on specific matters related to their individual circumstances should contact the Association via