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Enhanced Cleaning of Schools and School Equipment

Enhanced school cleaning protocols in accordance with direction from Public Health are expected to be followed for the 2020-21 school year.

Teachers cannot be required to clean instructional areas or other spaces in their school/worksite, or equipment/devices/manipulatives used by students. Teachers can be expected to clean their own individual work station (i.e. computer and desktop) and to instruct students on how to properly clean their desktops and any equipment/devices/manipulatives they use. This instruction and time for cleaning should be scheduled during normal class time.  It is the school districts’ responsibility to provide the required cleaning supplies. Should teachers or administrators find that enhanced cleaning protocols are not being followed, they should report this to their school OHS committee/worker representative, their Director of Schools, and to the NLTA. Under no circumstances should a teacher or administrator provide custodial services.

NLTA members seeking advice/assistance on specific matters related to their individual circumstances should contact the Association via