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Availability of Substitute Teachers

The NLTA understands that COVID-19 screening protocols and stay at home requirements will lead to spikes in teacher absenteeism during the school year. This, along with the substitute teacher shortage, may result in increased occurrences of situations in which not enough substitutes are available to address the needs of a particular school(s).

Under the Collective Agreements (Provincial Clause 29.04(a), Labrador West Clause 17.04(a)), school districts must make “every effort” to replace teachers who are absent for valid reasons. This is not only applicable for in-person instruction, but also in a virtual learning scenario should this occur. This is a high standard and includes appropriate efforts by the employer to recruit substitute teachers to ensure adequate availability. If “every effort” has been made to procure a substitute or substitutes, schools may reassign teachers or combine student groupings to address such matters.

NLTA members seeking advice/assistance on specific matters related to their individual circumstances should contact the Association via