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School Administrators’ Professional Development Fund

Guidelines and Procedures

The School Administrators’ Professional Development Fund is designed to achieve maximum benefit to a wide range of administrators, allowing groups of administrators to access resources for major professional development initiatives. It will also provide funding to individual administrators to enhance their skills and knowledge base as part of a sustained plan for working with colleagues throughout the province.

All projects must focus on the professional development of school administrators. All applicants must give documented evidence that additional sources of funding have been investigated and provide details of funding received. To be eligible, applicants must be active members of the NLTA as described in Section I.A.1 of NLTA policy. Proposals for a Professional Development Project will be accepted from the SAC Provincial Executive, SAC Regional Executives, or groups of administrators. Each proposal must identify a project leader, who will be the main contact. Individual proposals for professional development must be part of a sustained plan, which includes sharing and mentoring with other administrators as an integral part of the follow-up.

The Programs and Services staff of the NLTA will establish a subcommittee to review applications and act as the selection committee. In considering applications, the selection committee will give consideration to the following criteria:

  • long-term sustainability of the project and inclusion of follow-up initiatives;
  • ability of the project to promote sharing and mentoring among administrators;
  • the number and range of educators who will be impacted; and
  • the creation of deliverables which will have a lasting impact over time.

Funding Guidelines

  • expenses shall be covered according to NLTA policy;
  • funds will be disbursed in phases as determined by the selection committee and upon receipt of appropriate reports and receipts; and
  • the fund will not cover the purchase of capital equipment.

The final disbursement of funds will take place upon the receipt of a final written report. The report is due within 30 days of completion of the activity. Failure to report by the deadline will constitute a waiver of the final payment.

Application Process
Applications must be completed below. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All project proposals must be received no later than six weeks prior to the commencement of the PD opportunity. Consideration of proposals will be on an ongoing basis, dependent on the availability of funds. For further information contact Programs & Services at the NLTA. Phone: 709-726-3223 or 1-800-563-3599, email:

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