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Salary, Benefits and Pension

Collective Bargaining

Collective Agreements

Redundancy, Reassignment and Layoff Process information

Employment Insurance

Group Insurance


Pensions & Retirement

  • The Teachers’ Pension Plan Corporation
  • The Teachers’ Pension Plan (Infosheet No. 3)
  • Pension Plan Booklet – Revised October 2017
  • Status of the Teachers’ Pension Plan — Aug/16calculator
  • GMPP (Government Money Purchase Plan)
  • Joint Sponsorship Agreement 2016 — NL Teachers’ Pension Plan
  • Pre-Retirement Seminars
    Pre-Retirement Planning Seminars and Financial Information Seminars (Infosheet No. 12)
  • Retirement Checklist
  • Planning to Retire (Infosheet No. 11)


  • Teacher Payroll
  • Salary Scales

Other Important Information