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K. Collegial Model/Association Membership

All teachers, regardless of professional role, shall be members of the same professional association and, hence, members of either the provincial or the Labrador West bargaining units. [Oct/23&25/14] [2015 BGM]

The collegial model is a recognized aspect of an educational system. It espouses the following basic principles of educational leadership:

  1. Educational administration exists to promote and assist in the achievement of educational goals. [Oct/23/14]
  1. The educational function is not divisible along lines which can be clearly ascribed to “management” or “labour”.
  1. All teachers have a responsibility to be participants in the administrative process.
  1. The administrator’s role is that of an educational leader among teachers.
  1. A better educational climate is to be found where members of the Association enjoy high morale, where they work together enthusiastically, where the administrator is a professional co-worker on a professional team. These principles, which have been developed over many years, are rooted in the experiences of education and are fundamental to the profession. The Association recognizes that there are role differences within the educational process; that administrators, in their role as leaders, are often assigned managerial responsibilities. Notwithstanding, all teachers can operate most effectively as colleagues within the ranks of the one professional teachers’ association. [Aug/26-28/85]

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