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H. Student Support Services

  1. For students requiring support services, a wide variety of placement possibilities should be considered, ranging from inclusion to alternate placements in student support services classes. The most appropriate placement will depend upon the individual needs of the child and the ability of the school to provide the necessary supports in a given setting. [Jan/8-9/99] [1999 BGM] [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM]
  1. An Individualized Support Service Plan (ISSP) or an Individual Education Plan (IEP) should be developed and approved by all parties involved in educating the student concerned. [Jan/8-9/99] [1999 BGM] [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM]
  1. Methods of evaluating a child with an identified exceptionality should be set down during ISSP/IEP formation with the cooperative efforts of a programming team. [Jan/8-9/99] [1999 BGM] [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM]
  1. For all curriculum areas, a student assistant should be available if deemed necessary by the programming team. [Jan/8-9/99] [1999 BGM]
  1. Teachers who have children with an identified exceptionality should have access to necessary materials and resources to implement the ISSP/IEP. [Jan/8-9/99] [1999 BGM] [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM]
  1. All teachers who teach children with an identified exceptionality should have access to ongoing inservice in student support services. [Nov/27/08][JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM]
  1. Where deemed necessary by the program team, a student assistant, under the supervision of a qualified teacher, should be provided for supervision during lunch hour and recess. [Jan/8-9/99] [1999 BGM]
  1. The inclusion of children with an identified exceptionality into any one classroom should be governed by a class size flexible enough to accommodate the individual needs of the child. [Jan/8-9/99] [1999 BGM] [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM]
  1. There should be an increase of student support services positions due to increased inclusion. [Jan/8-9/99] [1999 BGM] [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM]
  1. Regular classroom teachers will receive appropriate inservice, resource materials, and other support services as mandated by the ISSP/IEP. [Nov/22-23/89] [1990 AGM] [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM]
  1. Whenever the needs of a student with an identified exceptionality are to be met in the regular classroom setting, the regular classroom teacher and administration must receive all necessary professional learning, including such topics as accommodation procedures, program modification, and the ISSP/IEP process. [Jan/8-9/99] [1999 BGM] [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM] [Mar/3/21]
  1. The “new” Teacher Allocation Model must ensure that sufficient student support services teachers are allocated by the Department and deployed by school districts to meet the needs of students who present with identified exceptionalities. The allocation must be needs based rather than the current hierarchical needs/service model. [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM] 

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