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F. Gender Equity in Education and in the Profession

1. Equity issues, including gender equity, cannot be compartmentalized from other issues of education and the profession. They are intrinsic in all that comprises the education of students and the professional lives of teachers.

2. Gender equity is a broad issue affecting all genders since it addresses imbalances of power which are the essence of equity issues. [Jun/11/21]

3. Any strategy to redress gender equity will have the input of all genders. [Jun/11/21]

4. NLTA is committed to working proactively within the organization and with other agencies towards achieving gender equity at all levels of education and the profession so that students and educators experience a school and working life free of gender bias. NLTA initiatives might include, but not be limited to, a review of and recommendations on:

a) Preservice and inservice professional programs.

b) Curriculum content, school policies/practices/activities, teaching practices and teacher/ student interaction.

c) Working conditions and benefits for members.

d) Behaviour among members in school situations and in professional activities.

e) Recruitment, hiring and promotion policies/practices of boards and the NLTA.

f) Equitable gender representation within the different fields and disciplines of the profession and within NLTA staff.

g) Leadership training within the Association and at the board/school level based on collaborative and empowering models.

h) The Association as an organizational leader in promoting gender equity. [Mar/10-11/95] [1995 AGM]

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