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5.01 Unless otherwise mutually agreed by the parties concerned, School Board-Teacher Liaison Committees shall be appointed as follows:

  1. for the Conseil scolaire francophone provincial de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador, this Committee shall be composed of four (4) representatives appointed by the Conseil scolaire, at least three (3) of whom shall be school board members, and one (1) of whom shall be the Director of Education, or designate, and up to five (5) representatives appointed by the Association, four (4) of whom are employed by the School Board and one (1) of whom is a member of the provincial staff of the Association.
  2. for the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, there shall be one (1) Committee composed of six (6) representatives appointed by the District:  the Director of Education, the Associate Director of Education, the Assistant Directors of Education for Human Resources and Finance, the Chair of the NLESD Board of Trustees, and one other member of the executive committee of the NLESD Board of Trustees; and up to eight (8) representatives appointed by the Association: five (5) NLTA members employed by the School Board, the NLTA President or designate, and two (2) members of the provincial staff of the Association.

5.02 Each appointee shall serve as a member of the Committee for a two-year period or until the member is earlier replaced by the appointing party.

5.03 Unless otherwise agreed by the members of the Committee, the Committee shall meet two (2) times per year at mutually agreed times and places. The first meeting shall be called by the Association and should be held not later than December 15 of that school year.

5.04 At the first meeting, the Committee shall make the rules of procedure that it considers necessary or desirable for its proper functioning.


  1. The Committee shall concern itself with matters designed to improve the teaching and learning situation, or other matters of mutual interest and concern.
  2. The Committee shall not deal with grievances nor discuss the modification of the Collective Agreement or any other matter properly left to the normal collective bargaining process. No agreement, decision or action of the committee shall be construed by any party as an interpretation or modification of this Agreement.


  1. Meetings of this Committee pursuant to Clause 5.01(a) would normally take place outside of school hours.
  2. Each meeting of this Committee pursuant to Clause 5.01(b) shall be scheduled for one day, to commence and conclude between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on said days.
  3. Whenever meetings under this Article demand absences from regular school duties, such absences shall be accepted as a valid reason for hiring substitute teachers and no teacher serving on this Committee shall lose salary, sick leave, pension or other benefits due to absences from regular teaching duties under this Article.
  4. Each party shall assume responsibility for the administrative and travelling expenses of its representatives on the Committee.