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R. Relationship With Other Employee Groups

1. NLTA should not affiliate with other employee groups nor with the Federation of Labour.

2. NLTA should maintain liaison with other employee groups to promote the cause of education and to elevate the teaching profession by discussing education and economic issues.

3. Such a program of liaison should be specifically concerned with:

 a) the policies and procedures of local government and school boards;

 b) the legislative policies of the provincial and/or federal governments and the policies and procedures of government-controlled institutes;

 c) common areas of concern to NLTA and other employee groups that are affected by such policies and procedures.

4. NLTA should not support nor provide financial assistance to other employee groups unless the basis of the dispute involves some principle of labour relations and then only with Executive approval.

5. In the case of disputes involving locals of any union, if teachers within the area want to offer financial assistance, they should do so through individual contributions and present such contributions on behalf of the teachers in the area. [Apr/6-7/84] [1984 AGM]

 6. If at some future time NLTA should seek affiliation with other unions, the Association must approach the general membership for a vote. [1984 AGM]

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