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Q. Death of a Member

1. NLTA members, through the branch president, and school board personnel are requested to inform the Association of the death of an NLTA member. The NLTA will send a sympathy card, and these teachers will be recognized at the following BGM by the observing of a minute’s silence. [Nov/24-25/94] [1995 AGM] In addition, in the event of the death of an active teacher, the NLTA will send flowers or a donation to a charity. [Nov/26/09] [JC Nov/09]

2. The NLTA office will notify Executive members, branch presidents, and staff immediately upon notification of the death of a current or former branch president, Executive, or staff member. [Apr/19/02] [JC Nov/02] [2003 BGM]

3. In recognition of the teacher’s service to education and to the Association, an obituary, with picture, may be submitted for publication in The Bulletin.

4. The Programs and Services staff at NLTA will provide assistance to the family and/or the executor regarding the benefits to the estate (group life insurance, Canada Pension, severance pay, teachers’ pension).

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