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P. Conferences

1. Guidelines Re Selection of NLTA Representatives at Conferences or Seminars

Table Officers will review each request and make decisions based on the following:

a) Within budget.

b) For the benefit of the Association and for the good the Association can do for other groups.

c) If the conference, seminar, etc., is closely related to the work of a particular committee or to the duties of a particular staff member, then the chairperson and/or the staff consultant of that committee would be the obvious selection(s).

d) Conferences of a general educational nature will lead to a judgement decision by Table Officers based on the future benefit to the Association.

e) Staff will provide, as back-up information, names of conferences, dates and places, the cost per delegate, and the amount remaining in the conference budget. Also, staff will identify conferences known to be planned in their areas of interest. [Mar/3/79] [Mar/8- 9/11] [JC Mar/11] [2011 BGM]

2. Considering that impending conference deadlines may require decisions on conferences between Table Officers’ meetings and that a full report on all conferences funded from the conference budget line is provided at each BGM, Table Officers may delegate the above duties to the Executive Director at their discretion. The Executive Director will update Table Officers regularly on conferences planned and/or attended to date for that budget year. [Mar/8-9/11] [JC Mar/11] [2011 BGM]

3. A Provincial Executive member who represents NLTA at a meeting or conference outside the province shall prepare a brief written report of such meeting or conference. [1992 AGM] [Mar/8-9/11] [JC Mar/11] [2011 BGM] 

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