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N. Professional Relations Disputes

1. When a dispute arises between colleagues, teachers are expected to attempt resolution at the local level with attention paid to the NLTA Code of Ethics.

2. After local efforts to settle the dispute have been exhausted, a teacher may seek the assistance of the NLTA to resolve the issue by contacting an administrative officer of the NLTA.

3. Upon receipt of a request for assistance, an administrative officer shall advise the teacher to inform the colleague(s) that they are requesting the assistance of NLTA to assist in resolving a professional relations concern. After the colleague(s) has been so informed, the administrative officer, or another administrative officer designated by the Executive Director, will contact the parties and assist in attempting to resolve the matter in accordance with the NLTA Code of Ethics.

4. If the matter is not resolved, the assigned administrative officer will inform the teacher(s) involved of their options under the disciplinary procedures of the NLTA under the NLTA Act and By-laws.

5. It is important to distinguish clearly between disciplinary procedures and attempts to resolve disputes between colleagues. It is intended that each be distinct and separate and in no way sequential. If the assistance of an administrative officer has not been successful in resolving a professional relationship problem, only a written request can commence a disciplinary procedure. Complete Policy Revised – [Feb/21-23/07] [2007 BGM

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