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C. Table Officers

  1. The President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President (if a member of Executive), and an Executive member-at-large, elected by the Executive, shall serve as Table Officers. The election shall occur at the last meeting of the outgoing Executive during which the new members of the incoming Executive are present, usually in June. [Apr/7/15] [JC Nov/15] [2017 BGM]
  2. The member-at-large shall serve for the same two-year period as the Executive. [April/24/98] [JC Nov/98]
  3. If the Immediate Past President is not a member of Executive, another member of Executive shall be elected to act in this capacity.
  4. In the election of a member-at-large and the member elected in lieu of the Immediate Past President, each person must obtain a clear majority to be declared elected and the votes obtained are to be recorded in the minutes.
  5. When a clear majority is not obtained, the name of the nominee receiving the least number of votes in a ballot shall be dropped and another vote taken. [June/5/82]

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