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APRIL 13, 2017

Packing/Moving Instructional Materials

Every year, some teachers are faced with moving from one classroom to another, whether due to school closures and reconfigurations, or because of internal changes within their schools, such as a change in grade level assignment or the start of full-day kindergarten, renovations, etc.  The purpose of this memo is to advise NLTA members regarding their responsibilities in these circumstances.

Teachers can be required to do the following during the normal workday:

  • Identify items to be packed and moved by other staff;
  • Pack instructional materials in their classroom/work area.

Teachers cannot be required to pack instructional materials outside the normal workday.  Some teachers may choose to do so, but this cannot be required.

As well, teachers cannot be required to move packed boxes, clean classrooms or pack items that they are not physically able to lift/move safely.  It is important for teachers to be aware of this as a workplace injury or accident could result in a teacher having to avail of Workers’ Compensation benefits.

If a teacher feels they have been asked or directed to do something that is unsafe, they should report this to their school Occupational Health and Safety Committee, and contact an NLTA Administrative Officer in Programs and Services for further advice and assistance.

Teachers are responsible for their own personal effects.

Teachers should not feel or allow themselves to be pressured to ensure items are packed for shipment or storage if they have not been given adequate time to do so.  As always, the best response, if asked if packing will be completed, is to say that you will do the best you can with the time provided.

Any NLTA members who require further information or advice in such matters should contact the NLTA.