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The following are the Articles referenced in Clause 34.01:

34.01 Subject to Clauses 34.02 and 34.03, a teacher who is unable to perform duties because of personal injury received in the performance of those duties shall be placed on special leave with normal net pay.

34.02 Such leave shall not be granted where it has been determined by the Minister that the injury received was due to the teacher’s serious and willful misconduct.

34.03 In the event that a teacher becomes:

  1. permanently disabled; or
  2. incurs a recurring disability

as a result of an injury received in the line of duty which is determined not to have been caused by the teacher’s serious or willful misconduct, the case shall be submitted to the Minister for determination of the benefits which may be due the teacher. In any case the benefits shall not be less than those due had the teacher been covered under Workers’ Compensation.

34.04 In the event that a teacher dies as a result of an injury received in the performance of duty, the estate shall receive all death benefits that the teacher would receive if that teacher had been covered by the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Act in addition to any eligible benefits under the Teachers’ Pensions Act.

34.05 Subject to Clause 34.03, Injury on Duty leave with normal net income will cease when the teacher returns to full-time employment as a teacher.

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