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Article 58 – Relocation Expenses

58.01 A teacher who is required by the Employer to relocate from one geographic location to another as a result of a consolidation of School Boards or reassignment due to redundancy shall, on the submission of a certified statement of expenses, be compensated as follows:

(a) A teacher who sells his/her private dwelling house, in which he/she resides immediately prior to being relocated, shall be reimbursed for real estate agency fees up to a maximum of five percent (5%) of the selling price.

(b) Reimbursement of reasonable and necessary legal fees encumbered upon the teacher because of the sale of his/her house and the purchase of a new dwelling at his/her place of relocation; and

(c) Where a teacher is required to relocate from one geographic location to another, he/she shall be reimbursed for the following expenses:

  1. carting, packing and unpacking, cartage insurance and transportation of his/her and his/her dependents’ personal effects;
  2. hotel accommodations and meals approved in advance by the School Board for a teacher and his/her dependents for a consecutive period not exceeding fourteen (14) calendar days. With respect to claims for meals, a teacher may be reimbursed as follows:
    (1) meal allowances on relocation to be identical to those allowed on travel; and
    (2) in the case of a teacher with dependents, the maximum allowances claimable shall be in accordance with those specified in (1) above for each of the teachers, spouse and dependents over 12 years of age, plus one-half (½) this amount for each other dependent.
  3. Claims for items (i) and (ii) of sub-Clause .01 are to be accompanied by receipts or other satisfactory proof of purchase.

58.02 This Article shall apply only where the distance from the teacher’s residence to the new school exceeds the distance from the teacher’s residence and the old school by more than 40 kilometres, or where the teacher is required to relocate to or from an isolated settlement.

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