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46.01 The rate of pay for substitute teachers shall be based on qualifications and service in accordance with the salary scales in Schedule B, for periods of substitution for the same regular teacher of less than or equal to three (3) consecutive days.

46.02 For periods of substitution in excess of three (3) consecutive days for the same regular teacher, the substitute teacher will be paid on the basis of qualifications and service in accordance with the salary scales contained in Schedules A1, A2, or B of this Agreement with effect from the first day of such period of substitution.

46.03 Substitute teachers shall be paid for a maximum of paid holidays designated by the school board if the holidays occur during a contract period.

46.04 For salary purposes, substitute teachers shall be deemed to have kept school on any day or part thereof where:

(a) the school is closed pursuant to Section 32 of the Schools Act, or 

(b) previously contracted substitute services are not required for any other reason(s) and the substitute teacher is not notified prior to reporting for duty at the school that his/her services are not required.

46.05 Substitute teachers are entitled to paid leave to participate in approved in-service activities which occur during a contract period if attendance at the in-service is required by the School Board.


(a) All substitute teaching time is included in the calculation of sick leave credits as per Article 27 of this Agreement. 

(b) Substitute teachers shall be paid for sick leave approved in accordance with the Collective Agreement subject to the following conditions:

  1. the substitute teacher is under contract with a School Board or the Department of Education for a period of fifty (50) consecutive days or more during the school year, or a substitute teacher accumulates fifty (50) days for substitute teaching service during the school year;
  2. the illness for which the substitute teacher obtained leave occurred after the teacher commenced employment during a contract period;
  3. the payment of sick leave benefits will not extend beyond the termination date of the contract period;
  4. substitute teachers employed under long-term contracts of fifty (50) days or more will be paid sick leave benefits during regular pay periods; and
  5. substitute teachers who accumulate fifty (50) days of teaching service through a series of short-term contracts will be paid for sick leave days certified by the School Board(s) retroactive to the date the teacher first commenced employment in the school year. After fifty (50) days, sick leave benefits will be paid as claims are submitted by the School Board(s).
  6. Effective September 1, 2006, substitute teachers with no previous teaching experience in the province who qualify for sick leave in accordance with this clause will be awarded sick leave in accordance with Clauses 27.02(b), 27.02(c), 27.02(d) and 27.10(c).

46.07 Substitute teachers shall be paid for the number of hours of duties assigned to them during the regular school instructional day, except that no teacher shall receive more than one (1) day’s pay for each day taught.

46.08 Substitute teachers who substitute for twenty (20) teaching days or more on a continuous basis will be considered a replacement teacher for purposes of benefits under this Agreement, with effect from the first day of such period of substitution.

46.09 The pay period for substitute teachers shall be the same as full-time teachers. NLTA fees shall be deducted.

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