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44.01 A teacher shall not be transferred from one community to another without his/her consent.

44.02 A teacher may be transferred to a comparable position within the same school when it is deemed necessary.

44.03 Transfer of teachers to a comparable position within a community shall be as follows:  Where more than one (1) teacher, teaching the same grade, wishes to accept the transfer, the teacher having the greatest length of service with the board shall be transferred. Where none of the teachers in the same grade and/or school who is qualified and suitable, consent to the transfer, the teacher with the least amount of service shall be transferred.

44.04 Subject to Article 47, when any school population or program, or part thereof, is relocated to another building within a community, those teachers who are presently teaching those students or programs shall be transferred in accordance with Article 44.03.

44.05 Any transfer may be made with the mutual agreement of the School Board and the teacher.

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