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38.01 The prime purpose of evaluation shall be the increased effectiveness of personnel in improving instruction. To be meaningful, such evaluation shall:

(a) Point out the definite strengths of the teacher; and

(b) Where areas of weakness or difficulty are identified, the evaluation shall include specific recommendations for rectifying such weakness or difficulty.


(a) Subject to 38.02(b), all evaluations, both formative and summative, shall be conducted openly and with the knowledge of the teacher(s) and the teacher(s) shall be informed as to which type of evaluation is being conducted.

(b) For the purpose of this Article:

  1. formative evaluation is a process of evaluation which occurs to improve the professional performance of the teacher(s);
  2. summative evaluation is the process of evaluation which uses its results to make a decision in areas of employment;
  3. the evaluation of a probationary teacher shall be comprised of both formative and summative processes;
  4. any summative evaluation made on a tenured teacher must be preceded by a formative evaluation. 

(c) The School Board shall consult with the teacher in determining the nature of the support which may be required to address suggestions for change and improvement.

(d) Probationary teachers will be given an opportunity to address concerns which may be identified during the evaluation process.

38.03 The results of such evaluation shall be made known to teacher(s) concerned in writing, and included in the teacher’s evaluation file.

38.04 Proper security shall be maintained on teacher evaluation files. The files and documents related to a teacher’s evaluation may be viewed only by the Director of Education, the Associate Director of Education, the Assistant Director of Education (Human Resources), the Assistant Director of Education (Programs), a Senior Education Officer (SEO), and/or the teacher’s current school principal or vice-principal and the contents of the file shall be held in strictest confidence. Any other person wishing to view a teacher’s file may do so only with the written consent of the teacher. Teachers shall be permitted to view their own files at any mutually convenient time during normal working office hours.

38.05 A School Board’s teacher evaluation policy shall be consistent with the terms of the Collective Agreement. The Association shall be consulted with regard to changes to existing teacher evaluation policy.

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