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37.01 Upon application to the Board, a teacher(s) may be granted, at the discretion of the Board, financial assistance in the amount of seven hundred dollars ($700) to further his/her professional development by attending summer school.

37.02 Each recipient must register for a minimum of one-fifth of normal university’s year’s work and provide proof of registration.


(a) One half (½) of the monies allocated by the board to the particular recipient shall be paid upon proof of registration and the second half shall be paid the following September upon proof of successful completion of the course.

(b) The recipient is obligated to return to teach for the Labrador Board for one (1) year immediately following this leave or repay to the Board the amount of financial assistance provided.

37.04 Bursaries awarded to pursue local or correspondence credit courses during the school year shall be allowed up to value of one (1) complete semester course per school year. Proof of successful completion must be supplied prior to payment.

37.05 Payments made under Clause 37.04 shall be subtracted from any summer school bursary made to the same recipient during the summer immediately following the school year.

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