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Education Week Archives

Education Week has always been about celebrating education and the importance of learning. It can be an enriching experience for students, teachers and parents. All teachers are encouraged to continue to observe Education Week with their students. All students have much to contribute and would grow and learn from involvement in Education Week activities.

The four blocks symbolize the foundation of either a building or of learning. They represent both a solid foundation as well as the traditional blocks that most children are familiar with. Atop the blocks the chimney represents an arrow pointing to the future. This symbolizes the growth and the importance of education. Together the blocks, the chimney, the arrow, and all elements are representative of a solid foundation for education and the future that is provided by our teachers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

edwk_logo_sm   List of Education Week Themes from 1936 to Present Day


MARCH 13-17, 2023
Theme: Better Together • Mieux Ensemble
Education Week 2023 Resources

MARCH 14-18, 2022
Theme: A Place to Grow • Un espace pour s’épanouir
Education Week 2022 Resources

JANUARY 17-23, 2021
Theme: 3Rs: Renew, Refresh, Reconnect 3R: Recommencer, Revivifier, Renouer
Education Week 2021 Resources

MARCH 5-11, 2020
Theme: 20/20 Vision • Vision 20/20
Education Week 2020 Resources

MARCH 3-9, 2019
Theme: Go the Extra Mile • Aller Plus Loin
Education Week 2019 Resources

FEBRUARY 11-17, 2018
Theme: Believe and Achieve: Je crois en moi, je réussis!
Education Week 2018 Resources

FEBRUARY 12-18, 2017
Theme: Seeds of Learning: Semer les Graines
Education Week 2017 Resources

FEBRUARY 14-20, 2016
Theme: Teachers Change Lives Every Day Les enseignant(e)s – une influence importante tous les jours
Education Week Song
Proclamation – includes English & French wording

OCTOBER 5-11, 2014
Theme: I Remember! I Learn!  Je me souviens! J’apprends!
Resources were made available from Veteran Affairs Canada

OCTOBER 6-12, 2013
Theme: Rooted in Education, Growing for the Future – Enraciné dans l’éducation, Se développer pour l’avenir
Resource Book

MARCH 4-10, 2012
Resource Book

MARCH 6-12, 2011
Theme: I Think. I Can.iThink. iCan! Penser, c’est pouvoir. – iPenser. iPouvoir!
Resource Book

MARCH 7-13, 2010
Resource Book