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NLTA Provincial Collective Agreement

Effective September 1, 2022 – August 31, 2026

Article 1: Application of Agreement 

Article 2: Recognition 

Article 3: Public Legislation

Article 4: Representation on Committees of the Department of Education

Article 5: School Board-Teacher Liaison Committee 

Article 6: Employment of Teachers

Article 7: Probationary Period and Tenure

Article 8: Notification of Vacancies and Promotion 

Article 9: Layoffs 

Article 10: Disciplinary Action

Article 11: Teacher Certification

Article 12: Termination of Contracts

Article 13: Transfer of Teachers 

Article 14: Evaluation

Article 15: Sick Leave

Article 16: Injury on Duty

Article 17: Maternity/Adoption/Parental Leave

Article 18: Leaves in General

Article 19: Leave Without Pay

Article 20: Educational Leave

Article 21: Salaries

Article 22: Method of Payment

Article 23: Deductions

Article 24: Isolation Allowance

Article 25: Travel Allowances

Article 26: Group Insurance

Article 27: Superannuation of Teachers

Article 28: Length of the School Year

Article 29: Workload

Article 30: Class Size

Article 31: Grievance Procedure

Article 32: Arbitration

Article 33: Severance Pay

Article 34: Loss or Damage to Teachers’ Personal Property or Equipment

Article 35: Protective Clothing

Article 36: Positions of Administrative Responsibility

Article 37: Term Contracts

Article 38: Individual Teacher Contracts

Article 39: Management Rights

Article 40: Strikes and Lockouts

Article 41: Amendment by Mutual Consent

Article 42: Definitions

Article 43: Duration of Agreement

Article 44: Status of the President

Article 45: Successor Rights

Article 46: Teacher Exchange and Secondment

Article 47: Administration of Medication and Health Support Procedures

Article 48: Labrador Benefits

Article 49: Substitute Teachers

Article 50: Allowances

Article 51: Deferred Salary Leave Plan

Article 52: Distribution of Work

Article 53: Relocation Expenses

Article 54: Position Sharing

Article 55: Employee Assistance Program

Article 56: Redundancy Provisions

Article 57: Discrimination and Intimidation

Article 58: Harassment

Schedule A: School Boards Party to this Agreement

Schedule B: Substitute Teacher Salary Scale

Schedule C: Annual Salary Scale and Allowances Per Annum

Schedule D: Memorandum of Understanding Re Class Size and Workload

Schedule E: Memorandum of Understanding Re Employee Assistance Program

Schedule F: Memorandum of Agreement Re Deferred Salary Leave

Schedule G: Memorandum of Understanding Re Schools Act

Schedule H: Memorandum of Understanding Re Part-Time School Counsellors and Part-Time Educational Psychologists

Schedule I: Labrador Benefits Agreement

Updated Labrador Benefits Agreement 2016-2022

Schedule J: Memorandum of Understanding Re Injury on Duty

Schedule K: Memorandum of Understanding Re Teacher Certification

Schedule L: Government of Newfoundland & Labrador/Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association Annual Premium Rate Setting Process

Schedule M: Memorandum of Understanding Re Retroactivity

Schedule N: Memorandum of Understanding Re Teaching and Learning Assistants

Letter #1 – Attendance at Meetings

Letter #2 – Instruction Time

Letter #3  – Pensionable Service During a Legal Work Stoppage

Letter #4 – Emergency Supply

Letter #5 – Interpretation of Articles 9 and 13

Letter #6 – Length of Primary Day

Letter #7  Letter of Understanding Re Market Adjustment

Letter #8  Movement of Speech Language Pathologists and Educational Psychologists

Letter #9  Letter of Understanding Re Employer Cost Sharing for Post Employment NLTA Group Insurance Premiums

Letter #10 – Letter of Understanding Re Employer Housing

Letter #11 – Recruitment and Retention Committee

Letter #12 – Access to Leave Accruals

Letter #13 – TARC Report Committee

Letter #14 – Responsive Teaching and Learning Model Committee

Letter #15 – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Letter #16 – Other Post-Employment Benefits

Memorandum of Understanding Re Hiring and Seniority Transfer