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G. Release of Membership Information

1. Information on members such as name, position, school address, certificate level, and teaching experience will be released only to those individuals who, by working in conjunction with the Association, would require such information. These individuals would not be permitted to release the information to any other source without written permission from the Association. [Jun/10/22]

2. Total or partial listing of membership and addresses may be released only to those individuals or groups who require such a list to carry out an education related task. Permission for the list shall be granted only by written permission issued under the authority of the Table Officers Committee of the Provincial Executive Council. [Dec/6-7/85]

3. a) The Association will provide candidates for President and Vice-President, once nominated, a list of members’ names and school location. Email addresses of the general membership will not be provided. [Dec/2/16] [JC Mar/17] [2017 BGM]

b) The Association will provide candidates for President and Vice-President the names, school and email addresses, as available, of branch presidents and school representatives with responsibilities for conducting the province-wide election. [Dec/2/16] [JC Mar/17] [2017 BGM]

4. The Association will supply to the provincial political parties, on request, list of names and addresses of NLTA branch presidents and political action officers, provided that these individuals are notified of such on an annual basis and given the opportunity to have their names excluded from the list. [Feb/13-14/87]

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