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F. Education Week

1. The goal of Education Week is to focus public attention on education, the educational system, educational issues, and educational accomplishments. [June/10-11/88] [1989 AGM]

2. To achieve the goal of Education Week, emphasis is to be placed on encouraging parents, community members, politicians, and others to visit schools and/or become involved in other Education Week activities with the purpose of showcasing school activities and educational issues. [June/10-11/88] [1989 AGM]

3. Education Week is the responsibility of the NLTA Communications in consultation with the Communications/Political Action/Membership Engagement Committee. [Mar/2-3/84] [May/27-28/05] [JC Nov/05] [2007 BGM] [Nov/26/09] [JC Nov/09] [2011 BGM]

4. Education Week Committee activities include:

a) selection of Education Week theme;

b) preparation of Education Week resource materials;

c) arrangements for provincial proclamation ceremony;

d) organization of promotions to highlight Education Week;

e) organization of media coverage of Education Week by the most appropriate and effective means possible. [June/10-11/88] [1989 AGM] [May/27-28/05] [JC Nov/05] [2007 BGM] [Nov/26/09] [JC Nov/09] [2011 BGM] [Jun/10/22]

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