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D. Public Relations

NLTA develops and conducts its public relations and communications programs to achieve clearly defined goals and objectives in keeping with the intent to enhance the image of the Association and its members and support quality education in this province. [Mar/8-10/85]

1. Public Relations/Communications/Design Agency

The NLTA will hire a public relations/ communications/design agency only with Executive approval. [May/27-28/05] [JC Nov/05] [2007 BGM]

2. Advertising

a) NLTA’s ad campaigns are developed in order to achieve clearly defined goals and objectives. Campaign schedules and target audiences are to be supportive of the particular goals and objectives of the Association.

b) Whenever possible, NLTA cooperates with other groups, both nationally (such as CAPTTO or CTF) and locally (such as MUN, the Department of Education, school districts, and school councils) in public relations or advertising campaigns aimed at improving the image of teachers, in particular, and of education, in general. [Mar/8- 10/85] [Jun/10/22]

3. Media Releases

a) Media releases are sent to appropriate media outlets throughout the province with copies going to members of the Provincial Executive, branch presidents, school reps and other education stakeholders as deemed necessary. [May/27-28/05] [JC Nov/05] [2007 BGM] [Jun/10/22]

4. Janeway Day in the Schools

Valentine’s Day, February 14th, or the nearest school day, is designated by the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association as Janeway Day in Schools. [Dec/6-7/85] [May/27-28/05] [JC Nov/05] [2007 BGM] 

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